Park Lane, Horton, Berkshire, SL3 9PR. Telephone: 01753 682747
close to junction 14 on the M25


The cattery is manned 24 hours a day, with at least one member of staff on site at all times.  The main gate is kept locked unless we are admitting a client, and the cattery itself is locked overnight.  We charge by the night, and offer 10% discount for two or more cats from the same household sharing; please call us for a quote.  Please note: we never mix cats from different households.
The cats are kept indoors at all times, with the cattery being fully heated in the winter and ventilated in the summer.  Each pen is set up in two halves with a cat flap joining them; one half contains the bed and litter tray, while the other half contains a scratch post and a few toys.  Bedding and toys are included in the price, but you are more than welcome to bring some home comforts for your cat(s) if you wish.  Where possible, each cat is let out into the main corridor every day to stretch his or her legs and for playtime with the staff.
All pens are cleaned daily, with fresh bedding and litter where necessary.  The cats are given fresh water twice a day, and are usually given two feeds a day depending on requirements.  We provide a variety of wet and dry foods included in the cost, although if your cat is on a specialist diet, e.g. Science Plan, we will need you to bring this with you


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