Park Lane, Horton, Berkshire, SL3 9PR. Telephone: 01753 682747
close to junction 14 on the M25

The kennels are manned 24 hours a day, with at least one member of staff on site at all times.  The main gate is kept locked unless we are admitting a client, and the whole site is surrounded by at least 6 foot high fencing.  We charge by the night, and give discount for two or more dogs from the same household sharing; please call us for a quote.  We also provide day boarding at a discounted rate; please call for more information.
The kennels are set up in two sections; each kennel comprises of an indoor bedding area and an outside covered run, with a hatch linking the two.  Each kennel is large enough to comfortably house two big dogs, and we also have additional exercise areas on site (see Enrichment and Exercise below).  The main building is fully heated and ventilated throughout, with a high ceiling and thick walls to keep the heat in during the winter and out during the summer.
Your dog(s) will have their own private bedroom during their stay with us; we do not mix dogs from different households, although they will be able to see the other guests.  All dogs are provided with baskets and bedding as part of the service, but you are more than welcome to bring his or her favourite blanket and/or pillow from home if you wish (N.B. All bedding is left at owner’s risk).

We start kennel life at 6.30am, with all dogs being let out through the hatches.  They are temporarily shut out in their covered runs while we disinfect all floors, and provide fresh water and bedding.  We then open the hatches back up and give them their breakfast (see Feeding below).  All mess is removed from the outside covered runs, and the dogs are then given time to snooze and digest.
The kennels are opened for business at 9am, and all areas of the main building are vacuumed.  Throughout the day, regular walk-throughs are carried out to ensure all water bowls are topped up and that all kennels are clean and mess-free.  Depending on the weather, the dogs are rotated in and out of the additional exercise areas (see Enrichment and Exercise below).
The dogs are given their dinner at 3pm, and are then given time to relax.  At 6pm (sometimes later in the summer), all hatches are shut down and all beds are made, with fresh bedding where necessary.  The dogs are all given a small snack and put to bed for the night.  All outside covered runs are then disinfected and hosed down ready for the next day.

We feed the dogs twice a day, unless a dog has specific requirements and in this case these are met.  We provide a wide range of foods in with the cost of boarding, but if your dog is on a specialist diet, e.g. Science Plan, we will need you to bring this with you.  Feel free to call us to discuss your dog’s feeding needs further.  We also provide a wide range of treats (please note that we do not give raw hide treats).

Enrichment and Exercise
All dogs are provided with a mixture of suitable toys and bones while in their kennels, and you are more than welcome to bring your dog’s favourite ball or tug toy from home if you wish (N.B. All toys are left at owner’s risk).  In the summer we also provide frozen treats… and watch as these get chased around the kennel!
In addition to the covered runs attached to each kennel, we have four on-site exercise yards.  We try to get the dogs out for at least 30 minutes to an hour each day, depending on the weather and how many dogs we have in.  Each yard contains a selection of toys, from tennis balls to car tyres.  We do not mix dogs in the exercise yards, although two of the yards are separated by a mesh fence so friendly dogs get to chase each other up and down without being able to jump on each other.
And last but not least, the biggest toy the dogs get to play with is… the staff!  We are regularly in and out of the kennels making a fuss of the dogs, curling up in their beds with them, or generally just having a good old-fashioned playfight.

Bathing Service
We have recently had a new bath and shower unit fitted so can now offer a bathing service at the end of your dog’s visit.  This is additional to the cost of boarding and consists of brushing to remove all mats, bath and shampoo, and blow-dry.  Price is dependent on size of dog and coat type.  If you are interested, please let us know when you drop your dog in to us.


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